This game is made for 2 game jams;  Random generation game jam &  OpenGameArt Game Jam 

This game is currently still in development, so expect bugs!  


  • Moving the character : click on one of the arrowsor use arrow-keys
  • When moving in an empty direction, a new piece of the map will be generated. This area can have random events (only battles atm)
  • When you encounter an enemy, a fight will begin.
  • During a fight you can either "attack", "block" or "charge"
    • Attack : deals damage to the enemy
    • Defend : if enemy attacks during this turn, receive no damage and deal counter damage.
    • Charge : get 1 stack of charge. For each stack your next attack or counter will do [damage x stacks].  Watch out, if you get hit during charging, you will lose all your stacks!
  • if you die, the game will end and you have to restart.

Your memory is limited.  As you travel, you will forget about past lands.

I spent a lot of the time creating a tool that automaticly creates an Animator controller with animations from a spritesheet. (Unity) Instead of actually working on the game. (I might upload the tool later, if anyone would be interested)

But, expect more playable characters and enemy types real soon!

Edit #1:

- added some UI elements

Edit #2:

  • added sounds
  • Random stats generation more balanced
  • Fixed "defend"
  • Player is now also a random unit type

All assets used in this game come directly from 


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Nice game, has the same battle system as  pokemon :) i really apreciate that.


Thanks for playing! Come back later for updates (:


I really like this idea and I almost did something similar to this. I look forward to seeing what you end up doing.

Thanks! I think I'm going to keep working on this for a little while.


Great news, I was disappointed it wasn't further along cause I wanted to keep playing.