A downloadable game for Windows

Development build for my entry to the #procjam

Find your way around the dungeon and destroy the beast!

You have to find the ritual items and set them on fire. If all items have been lit, you will be rewarded with the ritual arrow. With this arrow you can kill the demon.

left click to shoot

right click to light arrow on fire

Press space for a guiding orb.

Escape for menu. (does not pause game)

version 16-11-15: demon can not be killed yet, game should be done one of the coming days.

Version 16-11-25:

- demon will wander around, follow you if he finds you and attack

- added guiding orb to find your next objective.

Install instructions

> Download the zipfile

> Unzip the files

> Run the .exe


Build 16-11-25.zip 43 MB